Do you suffer from CHRONIC PAIN, whether it is low back pain, arthritis, headaches, or Fibromyalgia? Deep tissue and trigger point therapy can help bring relief both physically and mentally, making you feel better about life.

My knowledge in massage therapy has helped many who have suffered from headaches, back pain, and injuries.  I have also helped those seeking a healthier lifestyle.  Every massage is customized to each individual based on their specific needs.

Deep tissue massage is designed to penetrate the muscles by strong and focused pressure.  Deep tissue can be highly effective, especially when combined with other forms of therapy.  While deep tissue is great in relieving tense muscles, strong pressure is not always needed.

Typically, a massage once every week to two weeks is ideal to keep your muscles flexible and loose.  Once you are feeling better, a massage once a month is ideal. There is nothing more beneficial then relieving the stress and tension from your body.

Please do not hesitate to call me about any questions you have about massage and what it can do for you and your well being.  You can make your appointment by clicking the BOOK NOW! button on the side of this page.