What to expect

For your first massage, please arrive 5-10 minutes early.  This will allow you time to relax before your session and make sure that your session starts on time.  Before arriving at Massage Paradise, you should have already filled out a wellness chart via email and have sent it back to me. This medical chart records your medical history, past and present injuries and any other physical conditions I need to be aware of.  I will ask you some questions about your massage goals, your current physical condition and any specific areas of concern you would like addressed during your session. This information will help me customize your massage experience.

After our discussion, I will leave the room while you disrobe to your comfort level. This varies with every person. Some disrobe completely while others remain partially clothed. Either way is fine. When you are ready, you will lie on the table under a sheet and blanket. You will have a few minutes to get comfortable on the table, and I always knock before entering the room. Everything in the room will be adjusted to your comfort level: the table warmth, the lights, even the music. Some people like to talk during their sessions, and others prefer quiet. I will follow your preference. This is your massage, and my goal is your comfort and relaxation.

During your session, I ask you to inform me if the pressure is too much or not enough. You will always be covered with the sheet and blanket, and I will only undrape the area that is being worked on. I always use modest draping so nothing is exposed that should not be exposed.

After your massage, I will step out of the room so you can take your time to get up and get dressed. When you are ready, you will open the door and I will step back into the room. I will ask how you are feeling and discuss your treatment plan with you.

Sometimes people experience light headedess as they are getting off the table. This is perfectly normal and is why I ask you to take your time getting off the table. Some clients also experience soreness after the massage. Again, this is perfectly normal depending on the pressure that was used. That is why it is very important to inform me about the pressure during your massage. The best way to minimize soreness is to drink plenty of water and take it easy for the rest of the day after your massage.

I look forward to meeting you for your first visit. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns.